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Perhaps you don’t need me.

Perhaps you like being forced to give about half what you earn to people who didn't earn it.

Perhaps you like the fact that when you die, about half of what you saved will be given to complete strangers who didn’t save it.

Perhaps you know the date of your death – it’s the day after Inheritance Tax is abolished.

Perhaps you are saving enough to ensure that you can retire when you want, and afford to do everything you’d like to.

Perhaps you think that, in any case, the Welfare State and the State Pension represent an unlimited source of free money which will always keep you in the style to which you are accustomed, at everyone else's expense, with the agreement of all of the electorate.

Perhaps your investment and pensions portfolios already have the very best fund managers drawn from the whole marketplace.

Perhaps you can see all of your investments summarised on one page, updated daily, online.

Perhaps you know and control all of the charges in your investment and pensions portfolio.

Perhaps you know and understand your risk tolerance, and your investment portfolio achieves the best possible return for your risk tolerance.

Perhaps premature death, illness or disability would have no impact on your financial affairs.

Perhaps you have no debts.

Perhaps you are immune to changes in interest rates.

Perhaps Long Term Care costs in old age would not be a problem for you.

Perhaps you know more about taxation, pensions, estate planning, insurance and investment than all the experts in their field.

Perhaps you don’t need me.

Or perhaps you do . . .


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