About David Gunnersen, Qualified Financial Planner in Buckinghamshire

Would you like to be advised by one of the best-qualified Independent Financial Advisers and Financial Planning Firm Principals in the country?

How many others can you find with all of the following?
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Chartered Financial Planner  


(Chartered Insurance Institute)
Chartered Wealth Manager (Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments)
(Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments)
Accredited Financial Planning FirmTM

(Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments)
The Ethics MarkTM 
(The Ethics Foundation)
A Wealthnet :
"Top 25 Financial Planning Company"

(in top 25 of over 10,000 registered firms)
(Private Asset Management (PAM) Insight.com)

Having the Ethics MarkTM and the AFPFTM awards demonstrates my commitment to principles and values-based ethical and professional personal lifetime financial planning, endorsed by real client experience surveys and analysis, in addition to technical expertise and experience.
The "Wealthnet Top 25 Financial Planning Companies" award is for a combination of qualifications, ethics, transparency of fee basis, customer satisfaction and track record, from a pool of over 10,000 registered firms, including some very large ones.
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Being a Master of Science in another subject, and a member of Mensa, should indicate that I can bring a degree of objective rational analysis and intelligence to matters in a business where sophistry, specious reasoning and salesmanship masquerading as "advice" have in the past been sadly all too common.

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I do holistic personal lifetime financial planning, and advisory investment management

I am a fee-based independent financial adviser
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- Directly authorised by the FCA 

- Advice is “Whole of Market” - best, impartial advice untainted by ownership-control or commission  bias, uncontaminated by managers 
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Chartered Financial Planner                                 
(by the Chartered Insurance Institute. NDAQ Level 6)

 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM       (by the CISI– top 2% of authorised  advisers. NDAQ Level 6)

Chartered Wealth Manager                               (by the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments)

CII Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

Advanced Financial Planning Certificates ("AFPCs", which are NDAQ level 6):
(by the Chartered Insurance Institute of London)

 - Holistic Financial Planning  (H25)
 - Investment Planning  (AF4)
 - Taxation and Trusts  (G10)
 - Personal Investment Planning  (G20)
 - Pensions  (G60)
 - Retirement Options  (K10)
 - Pension Investment Options  (K20)
 - Long Term Care, Life and Health Protection  (G80)

 Other Professional Financial Qualifications:
(by the Chartered Insurance Institute of London)

 - Investment Principles and Risk  (RO2)
 - Pensions and Retirement Planning  (R04)
 - Financial Services, regulation and ethics  (R01)
 - Investment and Risk  (CF2)
- Pension update (retirement freedoms, new State pension etc)  (R08)
Member of Mensa, The Institute of Directors, The Taxpayers' Alliance, The National Secular Society


No validated complaints ever upheld

Founder and Principal of Midas Fides
(highly succcessful by all measures, especially customer satisfaction)
(Bucks, Herts , London)
- 2004 to now
Self-employed IFA in a national network
(resigned in protest at incompetent compliance, and T&C functions within network.
The competence adjudicators were themselves incomeptent)
 (Herts and London)
-  2001 to  2003
 Senior consultant IFA - major national & international IFA firm
(Successful. Resigend volutarily to move to fee-based advice rather than commission-driven sales targets)
 (Windsor & Bracknell)  - 1999 to  2001
Sabbatical, doing MSc degree, starting family,  travel & resident in Madagascar
(I got a life)
 - 1996 to 1998
Senior Consultant IFA - major national & international IFA firm 
(fired by sales manager Tom Williams for obeying the company's
mandatory sales-prevention rules, resulting in few sales)
 (Watford)  - 1994 to 1995
Senior Executive IFA to British ex-pats - Hong Kong's leading IFA firm
(fired by sales manager Ivor Dalgleish for refusing to rip off the public with poor value products, as the company required)
 (Hong Kong)  - 1994
Senior  Consultant IFA - major national & international IFA,
employee-benefits consultancy and consulting actuarial firm
(Highly successful in all measures. Resigned in protest against deliberate "punishment for success" by the firm and regulator)
 (London  & Watford)          -1988 to 1993
Senior Consultant - major Lloyds of London insurance broker and IFA
(Highly successful. Resigned to escape second hand tobacco smoke after the company refused to ban smoking, and in protest at the company's requirement to rip off corporate clients with commission driven product sales)
 (Reading & London City)  - 1985 to 1988
Sole trader Independent Financial Adviser
(Successful. Closed business voluntarily to gain wider experience in a City firm.)
 (Newbury)  - 1982 to 1985
Broker consultant - national life company
(Not very successful. I assumed it was not acceptable to rip off the public. My target market of brokers agreed, so refused to recommend my employer's products. I got fired because they refused to recommend rip-off products to the public)
 (Newbury & Bristol)  - 1981 to 1982

Personal Values Statement
If I am to be your lifetime holistic personal financial planner, you may have more than a passing interest in what sort of person I am, my values, goals, likes & dislikes etc., as the relationship is unlikely to succeed if we have markedly different views.
Pet Likes
Self-reliance, hard work, familial and social responsibility
Ambition and self-fulfilment
Successful risk-taking and entrepreneurship
Recognition of “wise counsel”
Generosity and charitable giving
Freedom of expression, conscience and personal liberty
Acceptance of personal responsibility for failings
Pet Hates
Discourtesy, lateness
Being “tarred with the same brush” – others imputing to me an ulterior hidden motive
Socialist redistributors and resultant high taxation - “penalty for success & aspiration”
Welfare State dependency, culture of entitlement
Nanny-State, health & safety control-freakery
Greed, excessive boardroom pay and executive “rewards for failure”
Conflation of religion with a monopoly over moral authority
Unwarranted authoritarianism
Public sector servants of mine believing that because they are “official”, they have authority & superiority over risk-taking wealth-creators who pay them
Compensation culture
Misandrist divorce settlements and the licence that they give to women to abuse their husbands under pain of blackmail
I treat my clients fairly, as I would like to be treated myself, and regard them as my friends.
When giving an advisory recommendation, I ask myself:
 “Would I be prepared to stand up in a public forum, make full disclosure of the advice and remuneration, and justify it hand-on-heart?”
If not, I would not make the recommendation.
I place greater value on a clear conscience and the long-term loyalty and satisfaction of my clients, than on short-term financial gain. I sleep well at night.
I am proud of the fact that I am one of very few financial planners to hold the “Ethics Mark”, issued by the Ethics Foundation. It is my most valued qualification.

Born 1958, married, 2 children, live in Buckinghamshire         
Other interests: wildlife conservation, scuba diving, music, travel, good food.

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What single goal would you need to have achieved in five years’ time to enable you to be able to say to yourself:
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Where will you be in five, ten, twenty years’ time if you carry on as you are?

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